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what my clients say...

"Tina Jackson is the most gifted, giving photographer I could have ever dreamed of for my daughters' senior portraits. Three years ago, I asked a friend who she'd recommend that would truly capture my older daughter's personality. She instantly said, "Tina Jackson." I'm so glad she did. When it was time this year for my younger daughter's portraits, there was never a question about whom we'd choose. 


Tina puts everyone at ease and has infinite patience. She loved that we had ideas, and through her exceptional talents brought those ideas to life. Every photograph is a work of art."


---- Crystal Adaway

"Tina’s photos capture the inner soul – so you not only have a lovely photo of your child but you have a glimpse into who they are! Her approach makes everyone comfortable in front of the camera and that shows in all of her work.  I was delighted beyond words with our senior portraits and look forward to having her take them of our next child!"


---- Tory Willis

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  

Oscar Wilde


"In this world where there is so much pressure to fit in, to look a certain way, Tina's pictures are a breath of fresh air.   They show the true self of her subjects, the real beauty of each person.  20 years from now when I look back at the gifts she has given us with her pictures, I will remember our beautiful life as it was, not as society wanted it to be."


---- Roxana McCarthy 

"I was quite nervous having my first ever photo shoot.  I was newly engaged, an "older" first time bride.  But the minute the shoot started with Tina Jackson, I couldn't stop smiling.  She has an incredibly ability to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, confident and beautiful.   Her photographic talent is clearly exceptional, but it's the way she brings your true self out, capturing that special moment or look, and then bringing them to life in print is the special touch Tina provides. We all know how important these times in our lives does Tina Jackson!"


---- Elizabeth Malia Calhoun

"Tina Jackson is amazing because she is able to capture those real, natural magic moments. I cherish every photo that she has taken of my children and my family. She has a real passion for photography and it shows in her work."


---- Susan Moss

"I couldn't imagine a better gift for my children and extended family than to be able to stop time with the gift of  photographs.   It's priceless!    Tina has been able to capture them perfectly.  She has a way of setting their mind at ease and bringing out their personalities.   She has an amazing eye for color, light, setting, and composition!  The only downfall, I cannot chose just a couple of shots, I want them all!  She's amazing!  I am lucky to call her friend!"


---- Becca Mahon

"Tina Jackson has been taking beautiful candid photographs of my children throughout their years at Holy Cross Academy.  Many of these children went on to get their Senior Portraits done with Tina.  The children wear their favorite clothing, choose their environment, bring props that reflect their interests and personalities.  She captures the essence of each child--no fancy makeup, costumes, or fantasy backdrops.  Her magic is that she brings out the beauty of the inner child by making them feel at home, with a friend.  The product, as with my child and with many of these children I have watched grow, is art itself."


---- Jiyeon Becker

What I love most about Tina Jackson is that she uniquely captures a candid moment. Her pictures are not posed or staged. She has a natural, artful eye for photographing a subjects personality. That includes a smile, smirk or a playful side. She has photographed my entire family and I highly recommend her.

---- Candice Bautista

"As Senior year was drawing to a close with my first child I read about all the bucket lists one should do before they moved onward to College. One important one was to photograph your child right before they reached adulthood to help us parents remember them before they moved away with new friends as well as new experiences  I though what a great idea so I called Tina and scheduled an appointment. She captured Maddie as we knew her, sweet and big- hearted than showed us a sexy, flirty side that was so cute!  All from the relaxed attitude and expertise of Tina. Happy with her photos and book we scheduled our son for his Senior pictures. Again, we were not disappointed. Drew's beautiful smile was captured right away! The kids love their photos and us parents are so happy we took the time to capture them. Thanks Tina!"


---- Charmaine Mueller

"We have been amazed at the artistry and imagination of Tina Jackson in taking casual portraits of our daughters.  She is creative and personable and goes out of her way to accommodate. Tina is dedicated to her craft and produces fabulous results.  We are repeat customers for a reason---She is a joy to work with."


---- Rick and Kellie Frank

"Tina has taken our family christmas card photo for the last 7 years, I can't imagine anyone else doing it!  She is fantastic, fun and always comes up with fun ways for us to do our card.   The bar is raised every year and I can never imagine the pictures getting any better but they always do….  She is such a good sport, I’ve put her in the freezing cold, the wind, with the horses, the dogs and the unruly kids…..amazingly the pictures always come out natural and beautiful…..I hope we get many more christmas cards to come!"


---- Molly and Alan Dalton

"Tina has an eye for capturing moments that are real and reflect who we are as a family - a gift that will benefit us for generations."


---- Sabrina & Pete Erickson 

"Scattered throughout my home, on almost every wall, cabinet and side table, there are these incredible photographs documenting my children’s lives.  Visitors always comment on these amazing pictures, asking if I am the photographer.  Sadly, I’m not.  While I can capture moments with my camera, Tina can capture their heart and soul.  I look at these photographs and I feel my girls’ personalities and quirks.  Scattered throughout my home … is LIFE!!!"


---- Cheryl Trimbach

"For more than twenty years, I've been extremely lucky to witness Tina Jackson's magic in capturing those "millisecond moments" in people's live that make them real. Her beautiful photos make time stand still ... capturing ...


  • the gentle innocence and softness of a newborn baby,

  • the shy, toothless face of a first grade girl,

  • the contemplative gaze of a rising senior, 

  • the beautiful, glowing smile of a wide-eyed bride, 

  • the reflective, wrinkled and twinkling eyes of a seventy year old couple ...


Tina takes these simple moments in time and commits them to photos that one can never forget ... making tiny, magical memories that make our lives feel really beautiful."


---- Wynne Maynor Miller

"Tina Jackson has a unique gift for capturing the essence of each child and making it shine through the photograph.  Our school community has benefited from her artistic sense for 17 years now.   Each year she provides us with photographs that seem even more stunning than those of the previous year. Both her black-and-white and color photos allow us to showcase our school through the faces of our children. We are very grateful for Tina’s dedication and her exceptional talent which enrich our school family year after year."


---- Sr. Susan Louise Eder,


Holy Cross Academy, Fredericksburg, VA

Working with Tina is great! Her approach is very natural and relaxed, and the final product is a testament to that; our children's personalities are beautifully reflected. She takes her time and truly captures the moment. We also love the option of an I-Book (is that the correct name?!) to commemorate their Senior Year. The entire experience, from booking the appointment, taking the pictures, and ordering the prints, was effortless. I highly recommend Tina!


---- Cheryl Hazel

"As an entertainer, obviously your head shot is very important.  Tina is NOT a sit, pose and snap type of photographer.  She gets you completely relaxed during the session to the point where you almost forget you're getting you're picture taken.  The results are GREAT shots."


---- Denny More

Beautiful, engaging photo portraits are critical when we share The Community Foundation’s mission and message. Tina’s pictures are wonderful. She has an almost magical ability to capture the light and the character inside each of her subjects.


---- Teri McNally

Executive Director

The Community Foundation 

Tina Jackson Photography has provided amazing photos of our preschool children for the past several years. Our parents are consistently pleased with the photos she captures of their children, and it is apparent that the children are relaxed as their happy little personalities emerge in their expressions! ! I can’t say enough good things about both Tina as a professional and her great results!


We highly recommend Tina for both school and personal photo sessions!

---- Nanci Scharf

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